What are Dental Implants in Redwood City, CA?

Tooth loss is a dental health problem that plagues a lot of Americans. In fact, over one in two people are missing at least one tooth. Should you lose a tooth, it is very important that you work to restore that missing tooth as it can lead to many oral health problems that can end up costing you your teeth and smile. One of the most recommended methods used to restore missing teeth is dental implants. The reason why so many of our past teeth restoration patients recommend dental implants to their friends with missing teeth is because they provide the only replacement teeth that work and feel just like natural teeth. We encourage you to read on to find out how the pieces of a dental work together to provide the best possible restorations for Dr. Ihab Hanna’s Redwood City and Dublin, CA patients.

The Dental Implant System

Many people think of dental implants as simple replacement teeth. However, they are actually more complicated than that. While there are dental implants made up of only two different pieces, the most common form of implant and the one we use here at Redwood City Dental Care is made up of three. These three pieces work together to provide realistic feeling replacement teeth that are just as strong and reliable as your natural teeth.

The three pieces that make up a dental implant are:

Implant BreakdownThe Implant Fixture

The first and most important part of a dental implant is the implant fixture. This piece is modeled after one of your natural tooth roots, which is fitting because that is exactly what it will be taking the place of. During the implant procedure, an implant fixture is placed in the empty spot left behind by your missing tooth. As it heals, a process called osseointegration works to integrate it into your oral anatomy, convincing your body that your implants are no different from any of your natural teeth. This process is only possible because the implant fixture is made from titanium, which your body cannot tell apart from the material that makes up your teeth.

The Abutment

The next part of a dental implant is the abutment. This part is connected to your implant fixture and works to hold your replacement tooth in place. Much like the implant fixture, the abutment is also typically made from titanium. While it may be possible to have your abutment attached directly after the implant procedure, it is not uncommon to wait until after the recovery period before having it connected to your implant fixture.

The Restoration

The final part of a dental implant is the restoration that will top it. These restorations take many forms, ranging from a dental bridge to an overdenture. However, the most common restoration used to top a dental implant is a porcelain crown. Regardless of what type of restoration you use, we will model any artificial teeth after scans taken from your natural teeth. This allows us to provide our patients with beautiful replacement teeth that fit in perfectly among their natural teeth.

Restore Your Smile’s Natural Beauty

If you are suffering from missing teeth or significant tooth decay that can no longer be treated with a filling, you may want to look into treatment with dental implants. No other teeth restoration treatment can match the quality and benefits that come with dental implants. If you would like to learn more about dental implants and how they can revive your decaying smile, we encourage you to contact us and schedule a no-obligation consultation with dental implant provider, Dr. Ihab Hanna, today.