The World of Dental Implant Treatments

Our Redwood City and Dublin, CA area patients know that dental implants can restore any number of missing teeth. Hello and welcome to the brand new dental implants blog of Redwood City Dental Care. For awhile now, we have debated what the best way of getting the word about dental implants out to our Redwood City and Dublin, CA area patients might be. Finally, we decided to cut out the middle man and just talk to you directly through this blog. To start things off, Dr. Ihab Hanna is blogging today to talk about the various treatments we provide at our practice using dental implants. With this information, we believe that our patients will have a better idea of what treatment might be best for their needs.

A Variety of Treatments for a Variety of Situations

No matter how many missing teeth you might be suffering from, dental implants can provide a solution that will work for you. Some of the treatments we can perform using dental implants include:

Single Tooth Restorations

The most common type of restoration we perform at our practice is a single tooth restoration. For these patients, we place a single implant fixture in the empty spot left behind by their missing tooth. As it heals, a process called osseointegration works to integrate it into the patient’s oral anatomy, convincing their body that it is no different from any natural tooth. Once this process is finished, an abutment is attached and a porcelain crown connected, completing the restoration.

Multiple Teeth Restorations

For our patients who are suffering from multiple missing teeth, we can perform a single tooth restoration for each missing tooth. However, if you are suffering from missing teeth that border each other, an implant supported dental bridge may be a better treatment option. For this procedure, at least two implant fixtures are placed: one for the first missing tooth in the row and one for the last missing tooth in the row. Once healed, an abutment will be attached to each implant fixture and the dental bridge connected, completing the restoration.

Full Arch Restorations

Every now and then we get a patient suffering from a full arch of missing teeth. For these patients, we can still perform a single tooth restoration for each and every missing tooth in the arch. However, this can be expensive and the patient may instead seek treatment with an implant supported overdenture instead. For this method, four to six implant fixtures are placed along the arch. Once healed, an abutment is attached to each implant fixture and the overdenture connected, completing the restoration.

Call and Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Hanna

From restoring a single tooth to restoring a full arch of missing teeth, dental implants provide a versatile treatment that can fit the diverse needs of our Redwood City and Dublin, CA clientele. By using dental implants as a support structure for other restoration techniques, we are able to give our patients a choice when it comes to how they would like to approach their missing teeth. If you would like to learn more about the treatments we can provide using dental implants and which one might best fit your needs, we encourage you to contact us and schedule a no-obligation consultation with dental implant provider Dr. Ihab Hanna today.